Wisconsin Diggers Hotline: Dial 811

It is the policy of the CCT to locate their buried facilities within their exchange area without charge to anyone planning to do digging or excavating in the exchange area.

When digging, if no request for location is made to Diggers Hotline, and the facilities are damaged or made inoperative, the person or firm doing the digging or excavating will be responsible for the entire cost of the damage incurred.

In accordance with Wisconsin State Law (Statute 182.0175) a request for location of buried facilities must be made to Diggers Hotline by the individual(s) or firm doing the digging “not less than 3 working days prior to the start of the excavation or demolition.”

When a request has been made for the location of buried facilities in accordance with the above requirements and the request is not responded to, any damage which occurs to the buried facilities shall be the responsibility of the company having failed to locate its buried facilities.

All charges for relocation or rearranging buried facilities located on private rights-of-way will be borne by the individual, firm or company requiring the change.

Any person who knowingly fails to comply with this section shall forfeit $1000 for each such failure, provided that if the failure to comply results in damage of any transmission facility, the forfeiture shall be $2000. Each day that failure to comply resists is a separate offense.