Customer Propriety Network Information (CPNI)

In accordance with the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) Customer Propriety Network Information (CPNI) rules, telephone companies are required to set up password protection for your account record.  CPNI includes, where, when and to whom a customer places a call, as well as the types of service offering to which the customer subscribes and the extent to which the services are used.

You will need to use a password when calling in to discuss any information that involves CPNI.  According to FCC rules, only person listed on your telephone bill can access or change information regarding your CPNI.  You can add authorized users such as spouse, parents, children, employees, etc. to your account which would allow them to make changes or receive information about your account.  They will need to know the Password and verification questions in order to obtain any information regarding your account.

As a customer, you have the right at any time to restrict the use of CPNI for marketing purposes.  If you choose not to permit us to disclose your CPNI with Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company and our affiliates, you may opt-out of receiving such information.  The services you are currently receiving will not be affected if you opt-out, however, restricting CPNI may make you ineligible to receive information from Cochrane Co-op Telephone about new products and services, packaged offerings and various promotions.

If you do not want us to share your CPNI with Cochrane Co-op Telephone and our affiliates you can notify us in writing or call our business office at 608-248-2323.  Once you opt-out you will remain on this list until you request otherwise.